Beginnings (Warning – Work in Progress!!)


I’m Jane St Catherine and this is my very first blog post.

Here’s a bit about me and what to expect from this site:

If I were to list some of the things I’ve done, places I’ve seen and jobs I’ve done you’d think I was pulling your leg or I was really about ten people, not one, but I’ll do that anyway.

I plan to just share parts of my story in the hope that some of it will resonate with you.  I’d also love to interact with you, my beautiful readers and perhaps I’ll be even be able to provide you with some inspiration and laughs along the way.

I’ve been keeping personal journals for many years and have an enormous stack of them sitting under the bed gathering dust and calling out to silverfish.  They do contain some interesting stuff and friends have been asking me for many years when I’m going to write a book.  Eventually I will write a book and this is a sort of test or trial, just to see how it feels to go public and whether anyone is interested in my musings.  As I go along, I also hope to distill my message and gain some clarity on what my message to you actually is… know, the part of me that can give you something really meaningful from my heart.

I have ridden the roller-coaster of life for over 50 years and have come to a place of gentle acceptance.  I have worked very hard towards a dream, recently fulfilled.

The smorgasbord of life called me from a secure suburban existence many years ago and I set off on an old 250cc trail bike to ride around the world. Determination, persistence and courage are words that resonate with me and I’ve put them all to very good use in overcoming many challenges.

This is also where you can buy a copy of our inspiring and transformational book full of heart-felt stories of hardship and triumph by authors from all over the world, including me….

There are all sorts of free goodies including author interviews if you buy now, prior to world-wide release on 20 May.  I’ll be doing some launch activities in Singleton, Thredbo and Jindabyne NSW later this month, so stay posted.

Most of the other authors will also be doing launches around the world. For more information go to:

You’ll find all sorts of great stuff there about this transformational book.

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One thought on “Beginnings (Warning – Work in Progress!!)

  1. Sandra Anderson

    Hi Jane, Sandra Anderson here from Panna, love your stories, I always knew you would write a book, I have lovely memories of scones and tea on the verandah of your unit. Not too mention the wildlife and the heat,

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